Business School for Lovers

Students of business schools are known for their assertiveness in achieving the desired goals. As it turned out, these goals are not limited to business only. Many applicants of MBA programs also fall in love.

And is it a good idea to look for your soul mate among colleagues on a training bench? Here are a few reasons why business schools become incubators for romance or tips on dating a ukrainian man, as well as a few caveats.

Love Potion #1: Involvement in a network of connections

Everybody knows that one of the advantages of a business school is “establishing business contacts”: in other words, attending parties and sharing feasts. There is no better way to meet your love than to miss a couple of glasses for talking about the old days of work in the consulting firm X.

Causes of caution: there are several pitfalls. First, make sure that you do not mix business and pleasure: never plan a date if you are in contact with future employers or professors. In addition, if you are in the process of searching, than chances are great that your colleagues are as well. Be careful and do not cross anyone. There is no worse way to make contact than to steal someone else’s passion.

Love Potion #2: Time, time, time.

Since business schools are more interested in candidates with work experience, the average age of applicants varies within 27 years. At this age, many are looking for that single person for building a serious relationship with russian girls.

Causes of caution: on the other hand, age can mean the presence of marriage bonds, and sometimes children (or at least cats or dogs). Before you fall in love, take the trouble to inquire about one’s marital status: lovers do not like it!

Love Potion #3: We do everything together.

In most business schools, students are divided into sections and small groups in which they study together, plan presentations, drink, etc. Most likely, you will find these people very close – a fertile ground for romancing.

Causes of caution: as we have already mentioned, you are constantly seeing each other. If you meet with someone from your group, and then break off the relationship, then pray that it happened amicably. Use your prudence: before the beginning of relations, go through a traditional risk-analysis.

Love Potion #4: You have much in common.

Many applicants are from the sphere of workaholics, hardened by tough conditions of competition. You will be attracted by the goals, ambitions and experience of most of your companions. Who knows: midnight discussions of costume for Halloween can lead to higher feelings.

Causes of caution: they say that “opposites attract”. It’s great that you are connected by common interests, but balance and complementarity are important in relations. Too much similarity can turn into a catastrophe. We do not say that all MBA programs applicants are similar. However, be careful and do not fall in love with narcissist.