10 Ideas for a Family Business

Family business is quite a traditional phenomenon: the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, or, for example, the modern brand L`Oreal – these are all examples of family businesses.

Family here is not only in the inheritance of capital, it is including joint work on the organization and development of business.

A significant role in the success of many Western families was played by Protestant business ethics, which regulates the basics of interaction with partners and employees.

Next, a few simple ideas for the family business.

Establishment of an employment agency. It does not require a large initial capital. The most important thing is to organize an office, to create an initial base of employers who are ready to provide real jobs, as well as job seekers. The agency must satisfy the requirements of one and the other side, while earning interest. Often, the percentage is taken from the first salary and rarely exceeds 20%.

Let’s take provision of services, for example, cosmetic repairs of apartments and offices. The husband can do most of the work – work with gypsum cardboard, an electrician, laying a laminate or linoleum, leveling the floors, and the wife will do an easier job – plaster, pasting wall paper, and will also act as an auxiliary worker.

We present to you 10 ideas for a family-owned business:

  1. Trade. The most popular and simple idea for a family business. It is important to share the responsibilities of everyone. One is engaged in purchasing, the second – can sell goods at the outlet or look for customers and take orders at home.
  2. Internet business. Create a website, forexample single ladies dating site, an online store, an Internet service, and then jointly lead, fill and serve it.
  3. Growing vegetables, fruits, greens. One can engage in direct planting, the departure of crops. And the other – their implementation, the search for customers. In the case of the establishment of greenhouses, the work will be year-round.
  4. Growing of farm animals. The list of products of implementation here is quite large. Meat, eggs, milk, fat, wool, leather, down, feathers.
  5. Opening of a fast food restaurant. A serious business plan is needed here. It is desirable that one of the members of the family understand the bookkeeping. Additional option: delivery of meals to offices.
  6. Opening of a private kindergarten. Or simply establishments for employment by creativity, games, where kids can grow up away from their busy parents.
  7. Organization of solemn events. Decorating rooms, writing scripts, acting as hosts, animators, organizing contests. The more grandiose the event, the more additional assistants are required.
  8. Rendering of various services. Repair of different levels, cleaning of premises, courier delivery.
  9. Handmade. Made by hand original high-quality crafts can be very profitable to implement. Advertising plays an important role here.
  10. Manufacture of food products. Rather, we are talking about home-made cakes, confectionery, pies, sausages, and etc.

Business School for Lovers

Students of business schools are known for their assertiveness in achieving the desired goals. As it turned out, these goals are not limited to business only. Many applicants of MBA programs also fall in love.

And is it a good idea to look for your soul mate among colleagues on a training bench? Here are a few reasons why business schools become incubators for romance or tips on dating a ukrainian man, as well as a few caveats.

Love Potion #1: Involvement in a network of connections

Everybody knows that one of the advantages of a business school is “establishing business contacts”: in other words, attending parties and sharing feasts. There is no better way to meet your love than to miss a couple of glasses for talking about the old days of work in the consulting firm X.

Causes of caution: there are several pitfalls. First, make sure that you do not mix business and pleasure: never plan a date if you are in contact with future employers or professors. In addition, if you are in the process of searching, than chances are great that your colleagues are as well. Be careful and do not cross anyone. There is no worse way to make contact than to steal someone else’s passion.

Love Potion #2: Time, time, time.

Since business schools are more interested in candidates with work experience, the average age of applicants varies within 27 years. At this age, many are looking for that single person for building a serious relationship with russian girls.

Causes of caution: on the other hand, age can mean the presence of marriage bonds, and sometimes children (or at least cats or dogs). Before you fall in love, take the trouble to inquire about one’s marital status: lovers do not like it!

Love Potion #3: We do everything together.

In most business schools, students are divided into sections and small groups in which they study together, plan presentations, drink, etc. Most likely, you will find these people very close – a fertile ground for romancing.

Causes of caution: as we have already mentioned, you are constantly seeing each other. If you meet with someone from your group, and then break off the relationship, then pray that it happened amicably. Use your prudence: before the beginning of relations, go through a traditional risk-analysis.

Love Potion #4: You have much in common.

Many applicants are from the sphere of workaholics, hardened by tough conditions of competition. You will be attracted by the goals, ambitions and experience of most of your companions. Who knows: midnight discussions of costume for Halloween can lead to higher feelings.

Causes of caution: they say that “opposites attract”. It’s great that you are connected by common interests, but balance and complementarity are important in relations. Too much similarity can turn into a catastrophe. We do not say that all MBA programs applicants are similar. However, be careful and do not fall in love with narcissist.

How to Buy Office Stationery for Running Business Operations Successfully

Before we learn how to buy office stationery, we first highlight the importance of office stationery for running any business operations successfully. Business around the globe are trying hard to implement paperless solutions to cut stationery costs, however, office stationery still remains a main part of running a business. These stationery products that an organization utilizes for their day to day operations includes but not limited to pens, , envelopes, staplers, sharpeners, erasers, markers, office files, folder, boxes and more. You need these products to make sure that your business is going successfully and is far more productive.

buy office stationery

Some of the companies will probably select invoices to dispatch to their prospects and letterheads for official communication with stakeholders. These are objects that can create a superb impression of any institution. If you are an entrepreneur or setting up a new company with limited resource, you must consider buying office stationery very carefully because you might purchase costly items by mistake which you don’t really need. Don’t underestimate the significance of getting the best stationery items at low cost. We are highlighting some points that may help you in order to select best stationery for your organization:

  • Take some time and analyze all varieties of stationery products that you just may want in your workplace and write them down and concentrate on them in order to pick best products. That will help you to purchase only products that you need to fulfill your job efficiently and not the products that may cost you a lot and don’t help you in your business operations.
  • There are many office stationery companies that give your account to purchase on credit which is really helpful when you need stationery in an emergency and you might not have sufficient petty cash in hand to purchase immediately.
  • When you can afford to purchase your workplace stationery in bulk then this is perhaps an excellent transfer as you’ll little question get cheaper costs. Most of those corporations will give you wholesale costs should you purchase in bulk. You will need to think about your price range and likewise the area that it’s a must to retailer the objects you purchase.
  • You should probably consider buying office stationery online if you wish to get more competitive price. Now a days there is huge competition in online world and many promotions are running on different websites. Online stationery suppliers can afford to supply decrease costs as a result of they don’t have high costs for running business as a ‘bricks and mortar’ retailer.