Social Media Monitoring & Tracking – a Quick Overview

Social media monitoring & tracking is like reverse market research, but instead of creating a survey to ask people what they think about your business, you actually read about their opinions, comments or complaints in online forums, blogs, and other social media platforms.

When we hear about social media monitoring & tracking, it sounds like a new thing that only exists in today’s business atmosphere, but actually people have been doing this for a very long time, even before the Internet was widely used. People back then were using clipping services to find out what kind of publications they got from the media.

Today with the advancement of information technology, everyone has the power to publish any kind of information they want, including information relating to your business. Fortunately, now there are many tools available to keep track of all information being posted online that relate your brand, company, products or services, and even your competitors.

Millions of conversations are happening online every minute on Facebook and other social media platforms, regardless of how brief the conversation is or who posts the message, as long as it’s displayed publicly and it relates to any aspect of your business, it could affect it, whether positively or negatively. So, monitoring such publications is vital for your business today. Social media monitoring & tracking really can provide a great insight into your customers’ mindsets.

The Importance of Social Media Monitoring & Tracking

Lead Generation – Nowadays most marketers have proven that effective lead generation is definitely not about broadcasting as many messages or advertisements as possible, but it’s more about sending the right messages to the right people. These “right people” can be discovered after you have done proper social media monitoring & tracking. Perhaps they have shown interest to your business or engaged with your customers in a positive conversation relating to your business, or they might even be disappointed with one of your competitors.

Reputation Management – You will be able to find out about negative comments, reviews or even fake information about your business and do something about it immediately before these negative publications damage your reputation.

Brand Fans – These are the kind of people that you want to “hang out” with. Brand fans are usually vocal customers who actively post positive reviews or comments about your business. By knowing who they are, you can engage with them, show your gratitude and let them know how you appreciate what they’re doing.